1TGOLF Medals & Digital Certificates Explained

1TGOLF to introduce Player Medals and Digital Certificates from the 2022 National Golf Challenge

Golfers will now earn a custom made 1TGOLF MEDAL based on their placement in the overall field. A GOLD MEDAL will be awarded to the top third of the field, a SILVER MEDAL for the middle third of the field and a BRONZE MEDAL for the remaining third of the field. The medal system will allow each golfer to receive a medal and a unique 1TGOLF DIGITAL CERTIFICATE as recognition for their placement in the national field to challenge golfers for positions within medal cut lines.


 Medal Cut Lines

  • MEDAL CUT LINES are determined by the size of the field after registration closes on 30 November each year.
  • Golfer rounds from 1 JANUARY - 31 DECEMBER will determine final medal placement in January of the following year.
  • Medals will be shipped by courier with door-to-door delivery in February of the following year.
  • Digital Certificates will be issued in February of the following year and send as an attached PDF via registered email address of each golfer.
1 - 12
(Based on the current field of 36 Golfers)
13 - 24
(Based on the current field of 36 Golfers)
25 - 36
(Based on the current field of 36 Golfers)




 About Us
1TGOLF (pronounced one - tee - golf) is a National Golf Challenge, it is about that "one more tee" feeling golfers get after playing a good round of golf, playing an amazing golf shot, scoring an eagle, birdie, par or even after going down in a blaze of bogeys. We all have that hunger too tee up just one more.

The core of the 1TGOLF Challenge is to have golfers compete through their love for the golf. The act of playing golf is rewarded using a point system to challenge golfers to tee up and support more golf courses in South Africa.

1TGOLF is managed and powered by MYCITO.
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