About 1TGOLF 2023 Challenge

1TGOLF is a unique national golf challenge that scores golfers based on their love for playing golf in South Africa. Registered golfers compete for a PRIZE PURSE awarded to the TOP 10 golfers in the field. Every registered golfer will earn a custom made 1TGOLF Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal for recognition of their overall field position and receive a unique Digital Certificate at the end of the 2023 National Golf Challenge.

 How 1TGOLF 2023 Challenge Works

Registered golfers earn points for golf courses played in South Africa during the year from 1 JAN - 31 DEC 2023. All golfers start on 0 (PAR) then earn points for daily golf rounds captured on HNA (Handicaps Network Africa). Registered golfers get weekly scoreboard notifications to view their current placement in the overall field of golfers.

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Foreign Round Unique Round Unique Round Extra Round Extra Round
Abroad 18 Holes 9 Holes 18 Holes 9 Holes
Albatross Eagle Birdie Half Birdie Quarter Birdie
-3 -2 -1 -0.5 -0.25




 1TGOLF 2023 Challenge Prizes

The total R23 500.00 in TheProShop Gift Cards prizes will be allocated to the TOP 10 placed golfers on the leaderboard for 2023.

1st Place R10 000.00
2nd Place R5 000.00
3rd Place R2 500.00
4th Place R1 500.00
5th Place R1 000.00
6th Place R900.00
7th Place R800.00
8th Place R700.00
9th Place R600.00
10th Place R500.00

Terms & Conditions apply, prizes are listed in South African Rand.






 1TGOLF 2023 Challenge TOP 10

TOP 10 golfers are listed by placed position on the leaderboard. If one or more golfers are tied, they will be listed by alphabetical order on surname then name.

UC Wednesday, 29 November 2023
Click a golfer score to view rounds played since 1 January 2023

# Player 2022 Score
1st Modiba, Johnny
2nd Jacobs, Christo
2022 5th
3rd Hamman, Hansie-156.25
4th Grundlingh, Abie

2022 4th
5th van Jaarsveld, Neels-131.75
6th Mnyandu, Joe
2022 TIED 7th
7th Schmit, Johan-106.00
8th Kriel, Herman
2022 2nd
9th Makandiwa, Romulous-95.75
10th Mosuwe, Tshepo-92.00

TOP 10 in a field of 58 Golfers, click View Full Field to view all golfers.
UC = Update Cycle The 1TGOLF leaderboard is updated weekly every Wednesday.
DQ = Disqualified All 1TGOLF Staff is disqualified by default and not eligible for any prizes.
Regardless of our disqualification 1TGOLF will still give our best with our Staff Challenger and challenge everyone for that number 1 position.









A total of 3302 rounds of golf have been played to date by the registered golfers in the 1TGOLF 2023 CHALLENGE.

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1stServices Golf Club38612%
2ndCenturion Country Club2467%
3rdWingate Park Country Club2307%
4thAkasia Golf Club1785%
5thIrene Country Club812%
6thPretoria Golf Club782%
7thBryanston Country Club672%
8thPiet Retief Country Club622%
9thMalmesbury Golf Club612%
10thDurbanville Golf Club602%

All Golf Courses Played








 2023 1TGOLF Challenge Registration

Golfer registration is an once-off annual registration fee and valid until the end of the 2023 1TGOLF Challenge. Golfers can register from 1 November 2022 until 30 November 2023.

Early Registration
R 250.00 / year for 2023
1 NOV 2022 - 31 DEC 2022
Normal Registration
R 300.00 / year for 2023
1 JAN 2023 - 31 JUL 2023
Late Registration
R 400.00 / year for 2023
1 AUG 2023 - 30 NOV 2023

Click to Register

You will be navigated to the domain golf.mycitoapp.com where you will be required to provide your Name, Surname, Email Address, Handicaps Network Africa Golfer Identification Number, Gender (optional) and Age (optional). After completing the 1TGOLF registration form you will receive a confirmation email. Our team will generate a pro-rata-invoice for payment. Once our team receives proof of payment your registration as a player in the 2023 1TGOLF Challenge will be complete.






 2023 1TGOLF Challenge Terms

  1. Golfers are required to register on 1TGOLF and have a valid HNA Number.
  2. 1TGOLF 2023 Challenge golfer registration is only valid from 1 January 2023 until 31 December 2023.
  3. Final leaderboard standings of all registered 1TGOLF golfers will be validated by Cum Computantis PTY (LTD) and published no later than 10 January 2024.
  4. Winning registered 1TGOLF golfers will be notified via email address as per the published leaderboard standings on the 1TGOLF website before prizes are awarded from 15 January 2024.
  5. There will be no tiebreaker if one or more registered 1TGOLF golfers are tied for a position, tied golfers shall receive the evenly divided amount of the total prizes the golfers would have been awarded had they finished separately.
  6. 1TGOLF reserves the right to increase the total in TheProShop Gift Cards in the event where more than 10 registered 1TGOLF golfers are placed in prize winning positions on the leaderboard due to tied positions.
  7. TheProShop Gift Cards can not be exchanged for alternative prizes of similar value or a cash payment equivalent before being awarded to the recipient 1TGOLF registered golfer.
  8. Prizes are listed in South African Rand.







 About Us
1TGOLF (pronounced one - tee - golf) is a National Golf Challenge, it is about that "one more tee" feeling golfers get after playing a good round of golf, playing an amazing golf shot, scoring an eagle, birdie, par or even after going down in a blaze of bogeys. We all have that hunger too tee up just one more.

The core of the 1TGOLF Challenge is to have golfers compete through their love for the golf. The act of playing golf is rewarded using a point system to challenge golfers to tee up and support more golf courses in South Africa.

1TGOLF is managed and powered by MYCITO.
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