1TGOLF 2023 Challenge Scoreboard

All 1TGOLF golfers are listed by placed position on the scoreboard. If one or more golfers are tied, they will be listed by alphabetical order on surname then name.

UC Wednesday, 27 September 2023
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# Player 2022 Score
1st Modiba, Johnny
2nd Jacobs, Christo
2022 5th
3rd Hamman, Hansie-129.25
4th van Jaarsveld, Neels-115.25
5th Grundlingh, Abie

2022 4th
6th Mnyandu, Joe
2022 TIED 7th
7th Kriel, Herman
2022 2nd
8th Schmit, Johan-89.25
9th von Wielligh, Joggie
2022 TIED 7th
10th Olivier, Jacques-74.25
11th Schoeman, Ivan-66.75
11th Makandiwa, Romulous-66.75
13th Clur, Boyd-Tyler-59.50
14th Mosuwe, Tshepo-59.00
15th Du Plessis, Gareth-58.50
DQ de Beer, Fonnie
Staff Challenger
16th van Graan, Piet-57.50
17th Delport, Andre-56.25
17th Du Preez, Ivan-John-56.25
19th Procter, Sarah
CAS Golf Clothing
20th Cronje, Cornelius-49.00
21st Grobbelaar, Aldo-48.75
22nd Braithwaite, Ashleigh-43.00
23rd le Grange, Arnoux-42.75
24th van Graan, Laurence
25th Hamilton, Scott
Golferade Hydro Sport
26th Venter, Carel
Gondolier World Class Brands
27th Botes, Casper-39.50
28th Thomson, Charlene
WeWomenGolf Magazine
29th Malan, Philip
30th Wilson, Bryan-35.25
31st Janse van Rensburg, Deon-32.25
32nd Mosia, Lerato-32.00
32nd Kruger, Pieter-32.00
34th Kotze, Samuel
DQ de Beer, Tinus
Founder Player
35th Currer, Devon-29.50
36th Holtzhausen, Fransuette-28.75
37th Rossouw, Juan-Pierre-28.50
37th Brits, Marius-28.50
39th du Toit, Roelf-27.25
40th Erasmus, Floris-24.00
41st Gerber, Bernie-23.00
42nd Olivier, Stephen-22.75
43rd Bonner, Gary-22.50
44th Degenaar, Danie-20.00
45th Botha, Kowie
Equal Career Services & BCS Training Academy
46th Minne, Jan-14.00
47th Gomes Serrao, Jason-13.00
48th Joosub, Aadil-12.75
49th Combrink, Eddie-11.50
50th Mills, Brendan
Golf Traveller
51st Kotze, Carle-10.50
52nd Muller, Mourits-9.50
53rd Truter, Pieter-6.50
53rd Glautier, Marc-6.50
55th Leeuw, Travis-5.25
56th van Rensburg, Hendrik-4.00

A field of 58 GOLFERS with a GOLD MEDAL CUT @ 20 and a SILVER MEDAL CUT @ 40
UC = Update Cycle The 1TGOLF leaderboard is updated weekly every Wednesday.
DQ = Disqualified All 1TGOLF Staff is disqualified by default and not eligible for any prizes.
Regardless of our disqualification 1TGOLF will still give our best with our Staff Challenger and challenge everyone for that number 1 position.




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1TGOLF (pronounced one - tee - golf) is a National Golf Challenge, it is about that "one more tee" feeling golfers get after playing a good round of golf, playing an amazing golf shot, scoring an eagle, birdie, par or even after going down in a blaze of bogeys. We all have that hunger too tee up just one more.

The core of the 1TGOLF Challenge is to have golfers compete through their love for the golf. The act of playing golf is rewarded using a point system to challenge golfers to tee up and support more golf courses in South Africa.

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